Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, was the first Mexican parish established in the city

Your spiritual journey starts in Church

We believe in power of community

Our Vision and Mission

Today, in a climate of collaboration and co-responsibility, we desire to continue this service to all persons of this South-East area, of Chicago and neighboring Northwest Indiana. As a Church, the faithful of Our Lady of Guadalupe, we commit ourselves, with the grace of God, to live and to serve together as a family:

  • To receive the Word of God
  • To promote social justice, education, peace, and the well-being.
  • To embrace, and without any exclusion, accompany people in their joys and sorrows, in their hopes and anguishes.
  • To celebrate in our Eucharist and Liturgy.
  • To implement the integral formation of each member of the parish community.
  • To opt for a style of life that is sustainable and in harmony with all creation.
  • To implement a fraternal communion between all the members of the community.

We place in the loving hands of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Jude Thaddeus this vision and mission of our parish community.

Our Community

Welcome to our vibrant parish community, a place where faith, fellowship, and service come together to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere

Meet the esteemed leaders of our parish, our dedicated pastors who guide and inspire our community on its spiritual journey.

The Mass

Experience the profound beauty and spiritual enrichment of our parish Masses, where the divine grace of worship comes alive.

Welcome to Our Parish, a sacred haven where faith, community, and tradition converge to create a spiritually enriching experience.