mbark on a journey through the rich history of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, a beacon of faith and community in the heart of Chicago. Established by the Archdiocese of Chicago, this Roman Catholic parish traces its origins to the compassionate ministry of Fr. William Kane S. J., who responded to the spiritual yearnings of Mexican immigrants in South Chicago. Born out of a commitment to address the religious needs of the Hispanic community, the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe emerged as a sanctuary for those seeking solace and connection in a new land. Join us as we delve into the unfolding chapters of our parish history, shaped by the enduring spirit of faith, diversity, and unwavering dedication to the vibrant community we call home.

In 1923 The Claretian Missionaries came to Our Lady of Guadalupe and built a new church.


Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish was founded by the Archdiocese of Chicago. This Roman Catholic parish started when Fr. William Kane S. J. began ministering to the religious needs of Mexicans in South Chicago. The Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe began in response to the need of the Hispanic immigrants in the Chicago area.


The Claretian Missionaries came to Our Lady of Guadalupe and built a new church at the site on 91st Street. A small wooden church was erected at 9024 South Mackinaw Avenue. Father John Maiztegui, a Claretian priest, was named pastor beginning a long history of the Claretians serving the parish.


In the fall land was purchased at the corner of 91st and Brandon for a new church.


The first significant arrival of Mexican migrants to Chicago took place in the 1910s as many sought refuge from the violence of the Mexican Revolution. Many migrants came to Midwestern cities because of the job opportunities. Unlike in California or the American Southwest where agriculture was the main industry, migrants worked in steel mills, packing plants, and railroads in the Midwest.


The congregation at Our Lady of Guadalupe, as well as the European Catholics from the city’s north side, showed such great response to the devotion to St. Jude that Fr. Tort began regular devotions to the patron of hope, including the first Solemn Novena which was held on February 17, 1929.

Century of Faith

In 2023, we joyfully mark a momentous milestone – 100 incredible years of serving our beloved community in South Chicago! From our humble beginnings to becoming a beacon of faith, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish has been a sanctuary for generations, fostering spiritual growth, unity, and love.